Purchase College, SUNY

Purchase College is a distinguished public Liberal Arts & Science college, located 35 miles north of New York City, with renowned and unique programs in the Visual & Performing Arts, Humanities, and Natural & Social Sciences.

It’s Orientation Week at Purchase College! Welcome to the Class of 2018!

trust-and-fear-not asked: I've been looking into a music degree at Purchase, i'm wondering what's the difference between Studio Production and Studio Composition. I'd imagine production is more technical, yet they both teach theory. Can someone help clear this up?

Hi. Great question! And you are right. Studio Production is more technical. Studio Production is an audio engineering program designed to develop producers. Students take extensive course work in studio recording processes but yes, they also take theory. Studio Composition is our program in contemporary songwriting. It attracts students who compose original music in contemporary and popular genres like rock, pop, hip hop, alternative and indy, folk, etc. These students also take theory course work. Students in these two programs collaborate quite a bit, but they are distinct programs. You can learn more about these programs, the curricula, and the faculty on our website here: http://www.purchase.edu/Departments/AcademicPrograms/Arts/Music/

If you have more questions, feel free to email me at garrett.marino@purchase.edu. I am Assistant Director of Admissions at Purchase.

Garrett Marino

Aerial view of Purchase (via Dr. Jeffrey Putnam)

Aerial view of Purchase (via Dr. Jeffrey Putnam)

Purchase College Commencement ‘14

Senior Thesis Exhibition at the Visual Arts Building.
Open until tomorrow, May 14th. 
Check out all the beautiful art pieces by our senior artists!


dinoceras asked: How can I get a purchase sweatshirt if i'm far far away from campus?

Ho dinoceras. You can shop for and buy a Purchase sweatshirt and other swag online through our bookstore: http://www.neebo.com/suny-at-purchase-college